Why I stop compromise myself and why you should too

After a long tiring day, I sat on my bed. I attempted to give myself a small reward by letting myself open my social media when I stumbled to this song that relates vastly to my stories in the past…

Self affirmations for ourselves

I like it a lot when I’m alone with myself. It feels like home. She feels like home.

I’m a lot funnier when I’m with her.

I’m not afraid whenever she’s around because she doesn’t judge.

She doesn’t tell me what to do, she doesn’t tell…

When I get to be alone with myself, negative thoughts always pop up in my head.

I am happy, grateful, and blessed but it feels beyond. It feels beyond because there’s always time and moment when I get to be alone with myself, negative thoughts pop up in my head.

My response to my previous writing titled “The Biggest Lie I’ve Told Everyone: I’m Content with My Life”

First of all, I’m so glad that everyone appreciates my previous essay in a way I could never imagine. …

I’m afraid to admit that my life is full with anger, embarrassment, and insecurities.

I woke up feeling drained and it happened for the past two weeks. Since I’m going through a massive change in my life in August 2020, my dreams have become so vivid and intense.

I rarely…

Hazrina Nabilla

I write about my perspective on scary thoughts, dreadful moments, but mostly the brutal and beautiful life we live in

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